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Visualize Blue Sky


APR. 17, 2020

Be the wave you want to be!

Intentions are good or bad, are wave-forms. Wave-forms has the power to influence other wave-forms. It's called a wave-interference. Be the wave you want to be!

Every thought, each feeling, and being all have a specific frequency broadcasting on a given wavelength creating its own ripple-effect (wave-interference) into the cosmos. Also, each wave-form has its own unique energy signature. Just by being conscious we broadcast our unique energy in all directions and affect the universe.

If you are the one, who believes we create our reality then we call you to co-create more blue sky and more sunny days!

Our skies have been hijacked by vigorous geoengineering projects. Therefore, some of us here, taking this matter into heart, and into our mind. We have been visualizing a beautiful blue sky hanging above us.

As you know, a few birds will not bring summer. If you want to help to make our vision stronger and help all life forms on this planet, then please join this movement.

We visualize many things or events several times a day. We do this automatically and without even realizing it. Before you start a trip, for example, you may think about all the things you pack, the route, and the timing. You may wonder about the people you're going to meet and the places you are going to visit. The same principals of visualizing or imagining we apply before we go to work, go for a date, shop etc..

I know, now you may ask, why things we want to happen do not manifest the way we want it to happen? It is because (among other factors), the main problem, is that, we do not put our full hearts and mind-awareness fully into our visualization and intention. We run those thoughts through our minds as a habitual and powerless mind-ritual. We can learn to harmonize our heart and mind by uniting thought and emotion, and by doing so, we are able to render this optimization into a powerful force.

To create more powerful emotions, emotions in the case of the blue sky, for example, we must visualize and intend with pure intentions, and with much-more, conscious focus.

To give you an example, let's all feel now, that we are standing outside, under the most glorious-looking blue sky. We see the fluffy and natural-looking clouds moving playfully across the sky, and the sun is warmly hugging our bodies. We feel safe and happy. We look around, and there are more and more people gather around us to enjoy this perfect weather.

As more and more people will begin to visualize the blue sky, the more it manifests. Especially if done it with a group of people, our intentions can be more potent, and effective.

We do imagine and feeling into this experience of seeing and experiencing the blue sky "as if it has already happened.", and by being enveloped by it" (Greg Branden)

We can quickly transport our conscious mind into anything we want, simply by imagining and feeling into it.

This is how we influence our surroundings, and opening up channels in our hearts and minds (being one) to attract what we truly desire.

So the task is to observe the sky at each chance, Throughout the day, when we spend time out, but you can also practice inside like, in the comfort of your home, or office.

If the cloud looks unnaturally gloomy, and dark, if you see the sky is covered by a thick, cloud-cover and feels incredibly creepy then just begin this visualization process.

You can also tweak this method to your own liking, if you feel changes you apply help you more with your intention. Whatever suits you, and feel just right, and comfortable will work out.
This technique can be applied to other intentions successfully. For example you can intend world peace, abundance, freedom, health, joy etc. Be the Wave You Want To be!

As a side note, I want to address: before I begin to write this article, our sky above Toronto was covered by a thick layer of dark-grey cloud cover. Now it broke-off almost completely revealing much-more of the nice blue sky.

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