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Awekening Our Truth

Awekened Human

I am not a Spiritual Guru, My name is Jamie H. and I'm just a guy that had a Kundalini Awakening December 5, 2011. I post about my experience, images that resonate with me and videos that helped me understand what happened to me. This is what I know, we are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. I believe we are a way for Universe/God to know itself. We literally are ONE. It is time for us to really understand how and why we are all here in this space and time. The posts I share are to help open the mind. That being said, I posted all the really important mind blowing videos at the very bottom of the blog. This way you will have to go through the entire site to get to the important stuff, kinda like at the grocery store but better. Just keep clicking the down arrow key. It takes you deep into the rabbit hole 🙂 Have a safe journey and be sure to share your experiences with us when you return. Always remember to have fun doing what ever it is you are doing.

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