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Our Mission

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Creating something new while we witness the naked emperors falling.

Overcoming differences and ego a side, we are gathered here to bring awareness about the multi-level deception, that is so evil it can't be sugar-coated.


To wake people up to the on-going plandemic and it's extinction-level agendas.


To create and share unique resources, among truthers, lightworkers, citizen-journalists, independent journalists, researchers, and info-warriors. 


We unite here for the cause of freeing mankind from the constant BS of the mainstream propaganda.


The new normal is abnormal!

We want it better and we wanted now!


We encourage all of you to play your part in the disclosure-movement.

The only way to thrive when the change comes from within, and we want to empower you to take an active role.


Learn more about the deception.

Use the tools available, and what you learned here to lend your support to your loved-ones.




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